Ella Reed | Aspire

Administration Officer

Dabbling in retail and reception prior to her arrival at the gates of UNSW, Ella Reed found her feet in the ASPIRE Program. However, in keeping with the universities mantra ‘Never Stand Still’ her work has moved her into the fast-paced world of event management and logistics, becoming ASPIRE’s administrative officer and all around guru.

With 2,000 students coming onto to campus each year to participate in ASPIRE events and 300 workshops held in schools across NSW, there is never a dull moment for her and the team!

Thinking back to her first day in ASPIRE to now, Ella recalls the phenomenal support, openness and understanding she received that has become the perfect foundation for the building blocks of her career, also contributing substantially to her confidence and personal development.

Ella has observed that those qualities of the program have also resonated with the vast range of students that have passed through the campus and been a part of the ASPIRE experience.

If you can’t find Ella at her desk draped in her latest quirky purchases, she will most likely be binge watching old movies (Gregory Peck *sigh*), rocking out to her eclectic range of music or frantically financing her next on-trend outfit.