Helen Gardner | Aspire

Project Officer Regional
Master of Arts (English Literature and Art History), University of Edinburgh

After gaining her degree, wanderlust took over and Helen spent six months travelling throughout Asia, and two years living in a very rural Japanese community teaching English. Since then Helen has spent nearly 10 years working in secondary, tertiary and vocational education, expanding her teaching skills to run programs and workshops related to professional and personal development, careers education and leadership. Joining the ASPIRE team recently, Helen is very excited to marry her passions, and travel to far reaching parts of NSW to help young people discover their unique talents and create big dreams for their future!

When she’s not at work, Helen really enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle. You can usually find her zipping around town on her beloved pushbike, perhaps with a stop at the food markets, yoga studio or beach along the way. She’ll be sure to take her yoga mat and joggers on the road, and hopes to bring that energy and enthusiasm for life into the classroom.

Helen has been part of the UNSW community for nearly six years, and many of her colleagues have become great friends. Her ‘haven’ on campus is the ‘Commerce Courtyard’ which sounds pretty formal but in fact full of trees that create shade and transform the feel of the space with every season and is a lovely spot for lunchtime gatherings.