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The success of the program relies heavily on the commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers. The gift of your time could make all the difference to an ASPIRE student’s future.

UNSW student volunteers

We are always on the look out for help with our program from current UNSW student volunteers.  We'd love to hear from you! Please consider applying for the following opportunities to work with our wonderful school students.

If you are a current UNSW student and would like to apply to join our fabulous team of Ambassadors, please visit our ASPIRE Ambassador page.

Click on Mentoring

 Join our team of online mentors and help regional high school students from disadvantaged communities find out about university and their future career options. Apply today. Just Click-on! for more information and an application form!

Staff volunteering

UNSW staff and staff from other organisations are welcome to volunteer to help ASPIRE lift the aspirations of our students and help them realise their potential.

You could provide valuable support to ASPIRE students in a number of ways: become a mentor, help with subject-specific tutoring, read to students to build literacy skills etc. Or you may like to assist with the organisation, presentation and development of workshops, events or new resources.

Please contact Lachlan Keen, ASPIRE Development Officer, at or telephone (02) 9385 1989 for further information on how you can help.

Workplace visits

We are keen to offer our students an eye-opening adventure into diverse workplaces.

ASPIRE runs Degrees at Work excursions to show students the variety of jobs and careers that can open up after completing a university degree. If your organisation is willing to spend some time opening its doors to groups of our students, we would love to hear from you.

Whether you are a large, multi-discipline organisation with a broad spectrum of occupations, or a single professional office, a tailored visit to your workplace would enhance our program.

Together we can build a specific experience relevant to our students. This could be general in nature so students can see the diverse jobs that make up an organisation, or specific with regard to a particular profession such as architecture, engineering, physiotherapy, law or veterinary science, just to name a few.

Please contact Jane Artup, ASPIRE Engagement Officer, at or telephone (02) 9385 1989 for further information on how you can help.