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We believe that  UNSW students who volunteer for the ASPIRE program are the happiest volunteers in the world. Time and again the feedback from our partner schools, our school students, our networks and our own staff confirms it: ASPIRE Ambassadors are fantastic! If you’d like to be part of one of the greatest teams on the planet, then read on to find out what it takes to volunteer as an ASPIRE Ambassador!

What we do

  • If you have heard about the ASPIRE program, you’ll know we help school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to aim to go to university.
  • We run a number of big events throughout the year where we bring students from our partner schools onto campus to participate in faculty-based activities.
  • We also run in-school workshops, homework clubs, residential programs for our regional students and a number of community-based activities with our schools across Sydney and regional NSW.

What ASPIRE Ambassadors do

In everything we do, our Ambassadors play a big role in the ASPIRE program.

  • Ambassadors lead workshops, attend events, work in our schools, organise activities, talk about scholarships and how to apply for university, answer questions and share personal experiences about the ups and downs of university life.

    To our students, Ambassadors become mentors, tutors, role models and friends. They provide unique support and encouragement to the students and help build their confidence in their academic abilities.

  • We probably should mention the non-glamorous side of being an Ambassador.  We really appreciate your enthusiastic help with setting up, taking down, greeting students on arrival, waving students goodbye on departure, registration, giving out ASPIRE bags, packing-up, distributing snacks and lunches, and all the other odd jobs behind the scenes that go into event management.
  • It’s not all hard work.  ASPIRE Ambassadors have a lot of fun too and become great team mates – more reasons why they are so happy!

Who can be an ASPIRE Ambassador?

Any current UNSW student who has completed at least one semester can apply. We welcome applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students from any faculty or degree program.

All ASPIRE Ambassadors:

  • enjoy helping and working with young people, are enthusiastic, like making new friends, are good communicators, great team players and have a sense of fun and responsibility.
  • are keen to promote higher education, and talk to students about scholarships, financial help, jobs, careers, social life, workload and all other aspects of university life.
  • have a broad understanding, or personal experience of, the difficulties and barriers ASPIRE students face in gaining access to higher education.
  • are keen to help, inspire and encourage students from diverse backgrounds to fulfil their academic dreams
  • attend a half day Ambassador training session (sometimes held on a Saturday)
  • commit to volunteering for at least 20 hours during one semester.

How to apply

  • Notifications that ASPIRE Ambassador applications are open will be sent out through UNSW student channels and on this website.. 
  • You’ll need to fill out a short survey on why you want to be an ASPIRE Ambassador
  • If you get through the first round, you will be invited to participate in a group selection activity
  • Successful applicants will be required to attend an Ambassador training session.

Application Form!

We recruit Ambassadors at the beginning of each semester.  Applications are now open for Semester 2, 2017.  Fill in an application form today!.

What’s in it for you?

Being an ASPIRE Ambassador is a fulfilling and rewarding opportunity. Many of our Ambassadors have regularly volunteered for ASPIRE throughout their entire university career.

The top five reasons to join the ASPIRE Ambassador team are:

  • Giving back.
    You genuinely contribute to helping a young person discover the benefits of higher education. It does make a difference and you can change their life. That’s a good feeling.
  • Personal growth
    Boost your self-confidence and social skills.  Step out of your comfort zone and gain a sense of purpose.
  • Professional development.
    Build skills in communication, team work, leadership, problem solving, presentation and organisation.  Qualities that look good on your resume and employers value.
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) recognition
    Volunteering a minimum of 20 hours per semester is recognised on your AHEGS certificate.
  • Loads of fun
    Have a ball!  Meet new people, make new friends, experience something different.  Be involved in always fun, (sometimes challenging!) activities and experiences that you help organise.  Most of all, you won’t believe how happy you feel after volunteering with ASPIRE!

Want to know more?

Contact us:
T:  (02) 9385 1989