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ASPIRE Regional students never give up!

As part of the visit to ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) our regional students had an extra day to give them a chance to prove they can overcome any obstacle put in front of them!  For 90 minutes the students (together with their teachers and ASPIRE staff) were put through their paces, testing their mental and physical stamina by completing an obstacle course.  Lee Campbell from B.Firm, an innovative health and wellbeing organisation based in Canberra, tested the group's endurance.  Any attempt to cut corners or forget team members during the session, was met with a strict command:  'Give me 20!' and the whole group had to drop to the mud for 20 push-ups.  If Lee found anyone not pulling their weight,  everyone had to start the count again and add another 20 for good measure.  And so it went on!

Team ASPIRE ran through mud, crawled under 'wire', waded through water, jumped over logs and tyres, and carried a stretcher fully laden with a 'patient' across, through and over rough terrain.

Despite the physical intensity, there was not one complaint!  Every person involved slogged it out even though their only reward was a hose down at the end.  It was a great exercise in team work, resilience and achieving more than you think you can!

As the 'boot camp' was the last activity of an action-packed visit to Canberra , we understand that the trip back that day to regional towns across NSW was the quietest one ever recorded!

The photos speak for themselves!

Well done to all involved and a big thanks to Lee for showing the whole team - you can do anything if you try (if you don't mind a little mud)!


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