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My Story. My Voice.

ASPIRE, in collaboration with the Sydney Story Factory and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), launched My Story. My Voice, a new workshop to help students explore and develop their creative story-telling skills.

Year 11 students from Bass Hill, Canterbury Boys and Bankstown Girls spent the morning at the Sydney Story Factory in Redfern learning the art of crafting a story.  Expert story-teller Matt explained the elements and basic techniques that go into writing a story that readers want to hear. Each working group was given a special sound toolkit of everyday items to help prompt them to construct an imaginative narrative, complete with sound effects. The aim was to be able to use an assortment of props such as rice, feathers, whoopee cushions, steel wool, cups, to learn the importance of using sound instead of words to create atmosphere and meaning.

In the afternoon, it was off to AFTRS in Moore Park to spend time with Chris and Kate, experts in audio story telling, who helped the students transform the stories into podcasts.  Each student had a role in bringing their group stories to life and all were involved in putting together the final production which was professionally recorded in an industry-standard studio.

It was a fun and informative day for all involved. Students gained a new perspective on creative careers that involve not just writing, but also the organisational and technical careers behind the scenes in production.  A big thank you to the Sydney Story Factory and AFTRS and their wonderful staff for helping to bring this opportunity to our students. 

You can hear the podcasts the students made at the following link   using the password: sound

You can also find out more about The Sydney Story Factory and AFTRS.